Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Feel Swindled...

So a couple of months ago our printer ran out of Black and Magenta ink right in the middle of a very important print session! So I bit the big one and went to trusty Wal-mart and bought the 2 cartridges, totaling around $40 :(

Here is where I should have learned 2 lessons, but more on that later.

So I went home installed the fresh ink and began to print away again. Half way through the third page, the images are looking very pink and not in a good way... All the pages are finished and then my printer tells me that the Cyan cartridge is now empty! Arg! (So first lesson, check ALL of the cartridge levels BEFORE you go to the store.) So I give up and ask a friend if I can come print out the last page on her computer.

So fast forward many months to now. Because we are poor I haven't bought any more cartridges since and have gone without being able to print things. (This has caused a mass pile-up of sticky notes around the desk area....) Well just because I was on Amazon the other day I decided to search printer cartridges. I was shocked! And I felt swindled and had a smoldering dislike for Wal-mart. I found 6 color cartridges (2 of each color) for $14.00! It cost me more than that for 1 color cartridge at Wal-mart.... So I guess that is lesson number 2, shop around. And I definitely won't be going back to Wal-mart for cartridges.... ever.

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