Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This cute little face is unclean!! Nemo has tapeworms!! Ewwww

It started because he jumped up on my lap and I shooshed him down with my hands. Well one hand grazed his butt and low and behold there was a little grain of rice white thing on my finger. I ran to the sink ewwwing the whole way, disposed of the wormie and washed my hands. I checked his butt and there was nothing else there. Then I bleached my hands!!! The internet says he has tapeworms... ugh. I have a feeling this is going to be a fighting/cleaning battle. Cleanse the cat and everything he has ever sat on!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Just an fyi, I am still blogging the mundane stuff at bravejournal if you are interested. If not you can stick with this blog! :)


Friday, March 6, 2009

The Queen of Hearts

I have the most wonderful husband.

Let me explain...

On Wednesday nights in Flipside we are going through the book of Genesis. We have been discussing Joseph and how God wanted to use him. God even showed Joseph in dreams that he was going to use them. Well we all know that Joseph got a little over confident and his brothers got a little jealous, so they sold Joseph into slavery and he ended up in Egypt. So fast forward to the part with Joseph and Potiphar's wife. She wants Joseph, he is a Hebrew trying to be in God's will and a servant to his master Potiphar. So Aaran is trying to explain to the kids about taking what God has for you versus taking what you want for yourself. So Aaran goes around the circle with a deck of cards and tells them all to take a card; any card they want. Then he goes around again and gives them each a card. So all this to make a long story short, the card you take is what you want for your life and the card given is what God wants for your life. So Joseph is trying to take what God is giving and he is fleeing from what he might want for himself. Well this is all good for the kids and they get it, but God is not through, He has a really sweet message for me. When we took the cards I got the King of diamonds and not really knowing why we were taking cards I am thinking, "wow this is a good card. Hahaha I love it!". So I am in good shape right. Well while Aaran is passing out cards he is looking at them and giving each card to each person. He comes to me and chuckles and hands me the Queen of Hearts. So of course I was all like "awwww", but then I started thinking, this card represents what God has for me, this card is what God gave me, a good and perfect gift. That card is my husband, Aaran. That good and perfect gift from God is him to me. I am so blessed by Aaran and I am not thankful enough for the wonderful man that God has given me. It's so easy to look at all the things that bug me about him and overlook all the MANY wonderful qualities he has, qualities that God knew my husband was going to need. Qualities of patience, humor, kindness, patience, tenderness, caring, patience, compassion, love for the Lord, a desire to do God's will and patience.

Thank you Lord for giving me the Queen of Hearts, because you knew better than anything I could take for my life that he was what I needed.