Friday, December 17, 2010

Daily Walks

Yesterday I finally started taking Eva for a daily walk... I know 2 days in a row so far ;)
Because she is a large woman!

So yesterday she came in after a 30 minute walk and laid down and made a huge puddle of "I am dying" slobber on the floor.
But today was my turn for a problem! When we went yesterday I didn't have any pockets on me, so I took off the house key and clipped it to her collar and held my cell phone. No biggie. Well this morning I walked out the door to go to work, locked the handle from inside and went to lock the bolt with the key..... small problem. I didn't replace the key from yesterday's walk! So I ran across the street to our neighbors and got our spare key (they are a super sweet couple from our church and they watch Eva when we go out of town.) So morning crisis averted. 1 o'clock rolls around again today and we get ready to go out and walk again. I grab the keys and my cell phone and a jacket and we walk out, me locking the the knob handle as I pull the door shut. I go to lock the bolt with the keys that I remembered to grab this time and low and behold.... I grabbed the church keys! They are exactly the same shape and color as the house keys! So now my house key is locked inside and the spare house key is locked inside. The back gate was locked and no way in. Praise God that I took my cell phone :) I called Aaran and he drove 40 mins up from work to let us back in after our 39 minute walk :)

So who knows what day 3 is going to be like?

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Amanda said...

you really need to blog more. that's all. :)