Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Funky Find New Hat

I went this weekend up to Fort Worth to check out an indie craft fair I found out about through etsy.

It was pretty good. It was super small compared to what I was used to going to back in the day when my mom did bazaars at the Camplex. I wanted to check it out because I am thinking about entering a booth next year. That would be totally exciting and I would have to get a lot of products made!
I met up with my grandma and we perused the 2 aisles. There was a lot of super cute stuff! (Also a lot of things that would not interest me :) ) I could have bought a lot, but since handmade is always a little more costly than retail (unfortunately) I only bought one of the many things I was eying. Behold my new hat!!

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Jessica Dougherty